NAStify will allow you to perform any operation you need on the file you have on your device/receiving by email/have on your remote storage servers (cloud or custom NAS) ! It will allow you to read / view / unarchive / archive / share / copy / move / rename / delete / … your files wherever they are !

It will allow you to play audio/video files (avi/mov/mkv/…) directly from the remote server by streaming the video (for compatible servers). NAStify is also compatible with the ChromeCast device : play videos (in a format compatible with ChromeCast device) stored locally or in one of your server directly on your TV and control it from NAStify !

It will allow you to synchronize the camera roll of the iPhone with any of the supported servers !

NAStify is supporting the following native services :

  • Local files : manage your local files
  • WebDAV : WebDAV is a standard protocol for remote files management, many cloud service providers are supporting WebDAV (Box, MyDrive, CloudMe, …). NAStify supports WebDAV with and without SSL and you can allow untrusted SSL certificates if needed.
  • FTP/FTPS (active and passive mode are supported)
  • SFTP (authentication using password or certificates)
  • uPnP media servers
  • Box cloud service
  • Dropbox cloud service
  • Google Drive cloud service
  • cloud service
  • Microsoft OneDrive cloud service
  • ownCloud cloud service
  • Synology servers : NAStify supports Synology’s File Station protocol
  • QNAP servers : NAStify supports QNAP’s QFile protocol
  • Freebox Revolution : NAStify supports Freebox Revolution’s file protocol


The feature list is so huge that there are things that are not described here, anyway here is a “detailed” features list :

Local files : handle files stored locally to have them everywhere and any time you need them

  • File management : View/Copy/Move/Delete/Rename/Create folder/Open in another application
  • Archive management : Compress files/folders in a Zip file (it is possible to protect archive with a password), Extract Zip/RAR/7z archives (password protected archives are supported)
  • Media files : Listen your music, view your videos (list of supported formats in the video/music section below) and cast locally stored videos to your ChromeCast device !
  • Open your files with NAStify from other files (Mail app or any other app) to manage it in NAStify

Remote files : handle your remote files stored on your personal servers (NAS) or cloud service

  • File management : Copy(1)/Move/Delete/Rename/Create folder/Share files(2)
  • Download/upload management : Download files on the server to your iPhone and upload local files to the server (including camera roll content)
  • Media files : Listen your music, view your videos(3) (list of supported formats in the video/music section below) and cast locally stored videos to your ChromeCast device
  • Archive management : Extract or compress(4) archives directly on the server without transfering any data on your mobile device !
  • Eject USB disks connected to the server (5)

(1) Copy feature is not available for FTP, FTPS & SFTP servers
(2) Share files feature is only available on Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, OneDrive, ownCloud, Synology, QNAP and Freebox Revolution servers
(3) Music and Video streaming is not available on FTPS, SFTP and Mega servers
(4) Extract and compress feature is only available on Synology, QNAP and Freebox Revolution servers
(5) Eject USB disks feature is only available on Synology, QNAP and Freebox Revolution servers

Video/Music :

NAStify is embedding a powerful video player which allows to play most audio/video content up to a 1080p resolution ! Multiple audio tracks and subtitles are supported !
Some of the supported media files : mp3/m4a/flac/ogg/opus/… for audio and mp4/mov/avi/flv/m2ts/mkv/mpeg/qt/rm/vob/wmv/… for video

Privacy information :

  • NAStify is not sending your connection information (credentials, server info, …) to anyone else than the server you are trying to connect to.
  • Passwords, certificates, tokens are stored securely in the Keychain of your mobile device.
  • You can restrict the access to the application by enabling integrated pin code feature


You can contact us/request help/report a bug on our NAStify related forum page !